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1. Mr. Zhong, chairman of the group, made a speech to kick off the conference. Mr. Zhong said that the stronger the strong and the weaker the weak have become the new trend of the development of the door and window industry. If you want to break through in the fierce competitive environment, you must

1. Mr. Zhong's speech

Mr. Zhong, chairman of the group, made a speech to kick off the conference. Mr. Zhong said that the stronger the strong and the weaker the weak have become the new trend of the development of the door and window industry. In order to break through in the fierce competitive environment, we must have the awareness of marketing differentiation, and strive to create our own differentiated marketing route and improve our core competitiveness. Adopting a unique marketing strategy and accurately grasping the purchase needs of consumers is the magic weapon for the success of big brand door and window enterprises

this time, our experience marketing special training activity "the way of doors and windows for common development" is to let everyone master the way of door and window management and marketing in learning and communication, achieve common progress, and constantly brush new heights of performance. The sea is vast, and our career is as magnificent as the sea. Let's hold hands, connect our hearts, and form a huge ship. We will break the waves all the way on the vast sea and play a symphony of leapfrog development

Mr. Zhong also extended a warm welcome to the Junfu family and guests, and wished the conference a complete success

2. Speech by leaders of the group

after Mr. Zhong's speech, senior executives of the group spoke on the stage respectively

▲ Hu Feng, deputy general manager of Jinfu doors and windows

▲ Wang Zhenguo, deputy general manager of new Dihao marketing

the speeches of senior executives were exciting, and magnificent blueprints were constantly displayed in front of the whole family

3. Famous teachers teach and teach secrets

teacher Cao Yingjie, a senior expert of the practical school, is specially invited to teach you the experience style. How to improve performance by 20%-200% without cost? How to free up time and improve efficiency? With customer experience as the core, Mr. Cao answered the secrets of success from attracting customers to trading in an all-round way. From the morning to the afternoon of the course, all the dealer friends listened attentively and deeply understood the mystery. Everyone had a treasure like experience

4. New products made a stunning debut

the conference exhibited the latest door products, window products and sunshine room series products

the new products of the category focus on the style. The 3D art carving and aluminum art ice diamond glass style attracted the attention of the audience as soon as they appeared. The two new products were endowed with crystal like flexibility and charm, and the exquisite ice flowers were crystal clear. If you stare at the mottled flash, your heart will enter a quiet and fresh world. These new models cater to the taste of modern people who yearn for a quiet and comfortable life, and must be popular products

new window products have new highlights and breakthroughs in drainage system, sealing design, anti-theft function and many other aspects. The new sunshine room has a brand-new structural design, which is more convenient to install and has better waterproof and sealing performance

Mr. Liu Sheng, deputy general manager of Junfu residence, Mr. Sun Wei, director of door and window design, and Mr. Liu Wenwen, engineer, all came to the stage to explain in detail the technical design of the window, the characteristics of the new sunshine room and the introduction of the experience box

5. Product testing experience box makes sales easier

among the performance indicators of doors and windows, waterproof, sound insulation and heat insulation are three important indicators. A good set of windows must have excellent waterproof performance and sound insulation and heat insulation performance. In order to directly judge these three performance indicators before purchase, we must use special props, which is the product test experience box

the noise decibel and temperature inside and outside the box are displayed on the sound and heat insulation test box, which can visually see the change of noise value and temperature difference inside and outside the box when the window sash is closed and opened. Each experience box is certified and manufactured by the group by authoritative units according to national standards, and the cost is not cheap

6. Haoli offers great gifts and sincere feedback

in order to explode the terminal sales performance and impress consumers with excellent quality, intuitive experience is a pop point. The dealers showed great interest in the experience box and flocked to the finance department to swipe their cards to buy it

in order to thank the dealers' friends for their support, the group rewarded the dealers who bought it with a golden egg, and the highest first prize was a free gift. The dealers who ordered all picked up hammers and smashed them at golden eggs, which also threw bursts of surprise. A dealer friend from Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, won the first prize and received a free gift. The rest of the dealers won 100% of the prize, ranging from 800 yuan to thousands of yuan

7. Fruitful, the conference came to a successful conclusion

at noon on May 16, the conference came to a successful conclusion. This is a joyful trip to the seaside, and it is also a substantial meeting to obtain wealth and harvest. The theme of this conference is experiential marketing, and the win-win situation of manufacturers is the core, which fully reflects the cooperative attitude of Junfu door and window group, which is sincere and willing to sacrifice, to fully support the progress of dealers and create a new situation of leapfrog development. Junfu doors and windows, a huge ship, will continue to ride the wind and waves and lead the industry to a new future

new Dihao doors and windows (Foshan Junfu Dihao door industry Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1989. It is a large aluminum alloy doors and windows company focusing on aluminum alloy doors and windows, sliding doors, swing doors, bridge broken aluminum doors and windows, sunshine room, and all aluminum grape trellis. It is the vice president unit of Guangdong door industry association and the vice president unit of Foshan door and window industry association. It has won the titles of China's good doors and windows, Guangdong top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows, CCTV hot brand At present, thousands of new Dihao brand stores have been set up in more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, and hundreds of thousands of families feel the excellent quality and considerate service of new Dihao doors and windows every year. In addition to CCTV advertisements, new Dihao high-speed rail advertisements cover many sites such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Changsha, and airport advertisements are also broadcast at dozens of large airports in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, etc. In 2017, Junfu Industrial Park, covering an area of 120 mu, is about to be completed. New Dihao will reach a new level in production capacity and provide users with more sufficient high-quality products. www.junfu88. com,400-777-0218




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