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One third of people spend time in bed. When people are tired all day, what they want most is to have a good sleep and rest in a comfortable bed. This shows the importance of bed. There are many sizes of beds, among which the 1.8m bed is the most popular. What is the size of the 1.8m bed? What size bedding should you choose? Next, let's take a look at the size of 1.8m bed

1.8m bed introduction

bed is furniture for people to sleep on. After thousands of years of evolution, it is not only a tool for sleeping, but also one of the family decorations. There are many sizes of beds, among which the 1.8m bed is the most popular. The 1.8m bed is composed of basic headboard, tailboard and skeleton. It is the most commonly used double bed. Different styles can be created through solid wood, headboard and tailboard

1.8m bed size standard

1.8m bed size standard is 1.8m wide and 2m long. These data refer to the inner diameter length of the bed. Generally, after the 1.8m bed is installed, the width and outer diameter of the bed tailboard are actually more than 2 meters

1.8m bed four piece set size

1. Bedsheet type: refers to a piece of fabric with four sides, and the edges are sewn on all four sides, which is a bedsheet. Of course, its manufacturing process and technology are far more complex and exquisite than I said. The size of the 1.8m bed quilt cover of the sheet type is: bed sheet 245*270cm, quilt cover 230*250cm, pillowcase 48*74cm

2. Bed cover type: refers to a more complex bed sheet, specifically refers to sticking a layer of fabric on the three edges of the bed sheet and hanging decorative lines! And the two corners are made into a circle, which is characterized by a layer of welt, which looks good-looking and easy to sag! Strictly speaking, some European bedsheets refer to this kind of bedsheets! Bed cover type 1.8m bed quilt cover size: bed cover 250*280cm, quilt cover 230*250cm, pillowcase 48*74cm

3. Bedspread type: the size of 1.8m bedspread quilt cover is: bedspread 180*200cm+45cm, quilt cover 230*250cm, pillowcase 48*74cm. This 45cm refers to the height from the bedspread to the skirt drapery edge. In addition, the skirt and drapery should be pleated, so a lot of fabrics will be used, so the bedspread is generally more expensive

4. If your bed is more personalized and has some characteristic needs, you can also handle it by yourself according to the actual situation, or consult the salesperson and relevant designers to find the most suitable quilt cover size for your home

1.8m bed other bedding sizes

blanket: the standard 1.8m bed blanket size is 180cmx200cm

quilt: the standard 1.8m bed quilt size is: 200cmx230cm, of course, there are other sizes

mosquito net bedspread: the standard size of 1.8m bed blanket is 80cmx200cm

when choosing bedding, the most important thing is to see whether you like it or not. The standard of size is only the regulation in the industry. You can buy it according to your preference.

editor's summary: I'll introduce the size of 1.8m bed and the specification of 4-piece set here. For more information, you can follow the information





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