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On February 22, the officers and men of MAG Chongqing direct battalion Corps gave up the joy of gathering with their families and held a "3-15 feast" themed with "pursuing honor, breaking through yourself, and who else to sacrifice" in the conference room of the Auto Expo Center? 15 vow to start the meeting

the atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not yet dissipated, and the fighting passion of MAG Chongqing direct Battalion soldiers has been excited. On February 22, 2016, the Lantern Festival, MAG Chongqing direct Battalion soldiers gave up the joy of gathering with their families, and held a "3-15 feast" with the theme of "pursuing honor, breaking through yourself, who do I give up" in the conference room of the Automobile Expo Center? 15 vow to start the meeting

at this conference, the direct seeded players who just participated in the company's M6 special training camp effectively copied the M6 terminal marketing mode. Each seed player sets up a team to carry out the training and replication of M6 marketing strategy, so as to create an efficient and effective MAG Chongqing direct battalion. Through the training, it showed the team style of Chongqing direct sales, which was brave in challenges and ambitious

in the face of cruel, fierce, complex and volatile market conditions, whether to attack boldly or stick to the position, the soldiers of Chongqing direct camp gave the answer at this conference. In the PK link, Chongqing direct Battalion soldiers signed military orders one after another, in white and black, selecting opponents, setting goals and expressing determination. The mission of "military order" must be achieved, which has strengthened the high oath of sprinting to the peak of sales

in the selection of PK rivals, there are PK between stores, PK between clerks, and PK between yourself: challenge to higher task goals above the task goals assigned by the company. Tan Xiyin, who came to MAG Chongqing Erlang Red Star franchise store, selected two challenges: while challenging the first place in the number of orders in March, she also selected a colleague from Jinyuan store to challenge PK. As the top seller in March last year, facing the new task, she said she was under pressure and more confident, because as the seed player of M6 special training, she must go all out and achieve her mission

the work is ready, and the spirit is full. With firm eyes and high oath, MAG Chongqing Corps is opening the prelude of the March 15 war with indomitable fighting spirit and high work enthusiasm. Zhengzheng vowed to let time witness. We are looking forward to the return of mag's 3.15 victory





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