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At present, the countries with high level of packaging and food machinery abroad are mainly the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. German packaging machinery is in a leading position in terms of design, manufacturing and technical performance. In 2002, the output value of German packaging machinery reached 3.4 billion euros, and 77% of its output was export products. In recent years, the development of packaging and food machinery and equipment in these countries has shown a new trend

the process is becoming more and more automated. At present, automation technology accounts for more than 50% of the packaging production line. Computer design and electromechanical integration control are widely used to improve productivity, improve the flexibility and flexibility of equipment, and increase the manipulator to complete complex packaging actions (simulating manual packaging). Each manipulator is controlled by a separate computer. The camera monitors the packaging action and feeds back the information to the computer to adjust the action range and ensure the high quality of packaging. At the same time, it can automatically identify the packaging material and thickness, and then control the mechanical action after computer calculation. It is an "adaptive" system to ensure that the system works in the optimal state

improve production efficiency, reduce process cost and meet production requirements to the greatest extent. At present, the beer and beverage filling equipment in Germany has reached 120000 bottles/hour, and the cigarette packaging machine has reached 12000 pieces/minute. Once the high-speed equipment breaks down, the loss is also amazing. Therefore, the high-speed equipment must have a fault analysis system (self diagnosis system) and be able to eliminate the fault by itself, so as to improve the productivity

adapt to product changes, and the design has good flexibility and flexibility. In order to meet the needs of competition, the cycle of product upgrading is becoming shorter and shorter. Some products even change every season, but the output is large. The life of packaging machinery is much longer than the life cycle of products. Therefore, some packaging machinery can only adapt to product changes with flexibility and flexibility, including flexibility in quantity, structure and supply. The structure can adopt unit modularization. Flexible supply means that one machine can realize a variety of packaging combinations, with multiple feeding ports and different forms of packaging

strong complete set supply capacity. For example, a beverage filling line has more than 200 microcomputer components and more than 100 control software. The filling and capping part is a combination of two sets, which are shared by other parts. A supplier can carry out engineering design, installation and commissioning for users, and finally submit them to users for acceptance

simulation design technology is widely used in packaging machinery design. The various machine units are stored in the computer in the form of database, the drawings are digitized and input into the computer, and the computer automatically synthesizes the three-dimensional model; Then input the actual production indicators, data and possible faults into the computer according to the Convention. The computer three-dimensional model can be operated according to the actual working conditions to demonstrate the production capacity, scrap rate, production link matching, where the bottleneck of the production line is, etc. the model can also be modified according to the user's opinions until the user is satisfied. After adopting computer simulation technology, the design cycle and new product development cycle of packaging machinery are greatly shortened

in addition, the cold sterilization technology developed in the late 1980s has been applied abroad, including ultra-high voltage sterilization, ultra-high voltage pulsed electric field sterilization, strong magnetic pulse sterilization, pulsed strong light sterilization, microwave sterilization, radiation sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization, ozone sterilization, ultra sonic sterilization, high-energy ray sterilization and low-temperature control sterilization. In addition, biological preservation technology, active packaging technology, barrier (barrier) technology, membrane separation technology and antibacterial packaging technology are the latest technologies in food processing and packaging. Food ultra-high pressure processing technology is known as "a revolution in the food industry", "top ten cutting-edge technologies in the world" and so on. Cold sterilization, also known as physical sterilization, is a new technology in modern times. In order to maintain the physiological activity of food functional components and maintain the color, aroma, taste and nutritional components of food, it is very necessary to adopt cold sterilization technology in the design and manufacture of food packaging machinery. Just like selling vegetables

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