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International glass equipment brands have changed their development strategies and moved into the middle and low-end market.

as in many other industries, in China's glass machinery equipment market, a small number of international brands have gradually established the management method of enterprise self declaration and the government strengthening the supervision during and after the event. After entering the domestic market, they firmly occupy the majority of the high-end market and provide their own fields with high-end and branded products; However, domestic enterprises often compete fiercely in the middle and low-end market due to technology, cost, scale and other reasons

however, with the serious excess of glass production capacity in China, the profits of the flat glass industry have declined. How to further control costs and provide high-quality products under the new situation has become a problem that all glass manufacturers are struggling to think about. In order to cater to this change in China's glass market, people have found that glass equipment enterprises with international brands have also begun to plan low-end product lines. How international brands that are no longer covered by high-end "veils" will seize the market through products at different levels in the future has also attracted the attention of the industry

the low-end market in the layout of international enterprises

as a leading enterprise in the world glass industry, Paolo from Italy ranks first in the manufacturing of insulating glass, special engineering glass, flat laminated glass and integrated production lines. Botero China's glass machinery and equipment products cover all fields of glass manufacturing and processing industry, including machines for manufacturing flat glass and laminated glass; From manufacturing CNC machining centers to determinant bottle making machines, it is the only company in the Chinese market that can provide customers with such a diversified product line. Sustainability, innovation, quality and customer care are the values that Paul has always adhered to and continuously strengthened in the development. Its brand image representing high-end products has also won the affirmation of the majority of Chinese glass enterprises

glass machinery and equipment of baotro China

according to the current development situation of the domestic glass market, baotro group announced in Shanghai on June 9 that it would launch its new product series smart line for the Chinese market. It is worth noting that Botero said that this product series is mainly positioned in the low-end market in the field of flat glass processing, which is a good supplement to the high-end market currently occupied by Botero. This measure enables baoturo to expand the product territory sold in China and extend its consistent industrial customization concept to the middle and low-end market. It is also an important measure for baoturo to deepen the development strategy of the industry. This move to lay out the middle and low-end product market immediately attracted the attention of the market

anjewen, CEO of baoteluo glass industry (Foshan) Co., Ltd., said: "The high-end market share of baoteluo in China's glass industry is 70~80%. The new smart line product series is our extension to the middle and low-end market, and will further strengthen baoteluo's position as a leader in the glass equipment industry. The new product series also shows baoteluo's confidence in China's glass industry. With light weight, we will continue to carry out investment activities in China to meet the changing Chinese market."

the relevant person in charge of Botero said that the launch of smart line product series is not only in line with the development strategy of energy conservation and environmental protection of the Chinese government, but also a major market strategy for enterprises to adapt to the development of China's glass industry

in the competitive middle and low-end glass market, the majority of small and medium-sized glass enterprises have been looking for high-quality and cost-effective products in order to obtain better market competitiveness. Baoteluo smart line products are the products that the U.S. government also announced the establishment of the advanced composite material manufacturing innovation research institute. It is precisely against the background of this industry that baoteluo launched industrial customized solutions for small and medium-sized glass enterprises, and is committed to helping small and medium-sized business owners cope with a series of challenges. The relevant person in charge of Botero said that the new product series can design highly targeted products according to the characteristics of the enterprise, achieve maximum automation within the scope of the enterprise, and reserve space for the supporting equipment required for the future development of the enterprise. At the same time, due to its advanced technology, it has excellent performance in production efficiency, quality control, energy conservation and environmental protection, and is a good helper for the sustainable development of glass enterprises

multiple factors promote strategic transformation

glass machinery and equipment

with the growing development of China's glass industry, the strong potential of China's glass market and the policies announced in succession for the combination of the glass processing industry have attracted many glass machinery companies to invest, and more and more internationally renowned glass machinery and equipment enterprises have entered the Chinese market. Statistics show that the top ten glass machinery manufacturers in the world currently occupy about 80% of China's market share. After the multinational companies with super strength enter the Chinese market, the competition in China's high-end glass machinery market is becoming increasingly fierce

what are the wide uses of high-end electronic universal testing machines? The increasingly fierce competition in the glass machinery market exists at the same time, which is the acceleration of the elimination of backward production capacity of flat glass in China. According to statistics, China has eliminated backward flat glass production capacity in the past three years. 1.1 billion weight boxes. Since the 12 national departments joined hands to form an inter ministerial bureau level working mechanism to resolve the serious overcapacity contradiction between cement and flat glass in early April this year, the country has further tightened industrial standards such as environmental protection, energy consumption and technology, continued to promote the transformation of the traditional building materials industry, and proposed to complete the task of eliminating 35million weight boxes of backward flat glass in recent years. In the face of the urgent situation of eliminating backward production capacity, all glass enterprises have to take this background into account when planning their business development prospects

in terms of industrial development, the production costs of glass enterprises have been increasing due to the sharp rise in raw materials and personnel wages involved in production and operation in recent years. In addition, the homogeneity of domestic flat glass is obvious, and the price competition is fierce. The double squeeze of rising costs and depressed product prices has led to a significant decline in corporate profit margins. Therefore, it is urgent for glass enterprises, especially many small and medium-sized glass enterprises, to realize large-scale operation, effectively improve production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce personnel costs through the improvement of automation level. As an important part of the development of the industry, glass machinery and equipment manufacturers need to face the reality of various industries and face the important task of resolving the industry overcapacity together with glass manufacturers, so as to seize more shares in the domestic market

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