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International Futures: the Japanese rubber market was closed for a day, and the Shanghai rubber market suddenly plummeted at the end of the day The fixture itself is a locking mechanism. On the Malaysian spot market, the FOB purchase price of smrcv delivered in December is 774.00 M/kg and the selling price is 776.00 M/kg, that is, the purchase price is 214.90 cents/kg and the selling price is 215.45 cents/kg. Compared with the buying and selling prices of 216.40 cents/kg and 216.95 cents/kg yesterday, the prices fell by 1.50 cents/kg respectively. The rubber price in the Thai spot market continued to fall sharply. The FOB price of Thai RSS3 delivered in December was US $1555.5/t on the 22nd, down 1.92% from the 20th. The FOB price of Indonesian sir20 delivered in December was USD 1570/ton on the 22nd, down 1.72% from the 20th. Affected by the continuous decline of TOCOM glue price, the spot price of Tianjiao all over the world has fallen sharply

II. Futures market

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as announced by the rubbertradeassociation on Wednesday, as of November 10, the total inventory of natural rubber successfully implemented in the first Dan project in Japan was 9404 tons, an increase of 3% over the 9152 tons as of October 30. The association also revised the inventory data published on November 2 as of October 30. The original inventory was 9289 tons. As of November 10, the inventory of natural latex was 299 tons, and the inventory on October 30 was 200 tons. During the same period, the inventory of synthetic rubber decreased from 3004 tons to 2925 tons

2. Futures market

Japan's financial, rubber, energy and precious metal markets were closed for a day due to the labor Thanksgiving public holiday today, and trading will resume on Friday

the monthly position transfer of Shanghai Jiao exchange has not been completed. Today, the position of 0701 contract decreased by 3354 to 25478, and the position of 0703 contract increased by 6060 to 51958. Affected by the closure of the Japanese rubber market, the trading volume of Shanghai rubber market was relatively light today, with only more than 80000 contracts traded in the morning of March, slightly higher than 1/3 of the whole day trading volume yesterday. After the main 0703 contract opened at 17640 in the morning, it has basically been running below yesterday's closing price, and has been sideways sorted within the narrow range of 17560-17615. As of half an hour after the opening in the afternoon, there has been no big market. From the end of the third trading session, short sellers suddenly made trouble. After the opening of the fourth trading session, the price suddenly fell by more than 250 points, and the decline quickly deepened from about 0.75% to 2.1%, which is the general name of partners certified by the 5 Argo platform. Transactions increased rapidly, and positions also increased by more than 2000 hands. At the end of the day, the price fluctuated slightly due to the influence of only 1.5 short profit covering during the endurance. Later, the price continued to fall under the pressure of long stop loss, and closed at 17200, down 460 points from yesterday, or 2.6%. From the K-line chart, today, the company reported the closing with a barefoot great Yin line, which has not yet broken away from the narrow downward channel in the early stage, and the moving average system is still in short position. From the perspective of RSI value, RSI value is still lower than 20, which is still low. The current market trend is weak, and the future market is mainly bearish

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