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The international food packaging world tour exhibition came to China for the first time in March2002. The foodtech China international advanced food processing, packaging, baking technology, machinery and equipment and Food Additives Exhibition and technical exchange conference, jointly hosted by the world-renowned professional exhibition sponsor Royal Dutch exhibition group and domestic authorities, will be held in Shanghai World trade mall from March 13 to 15, 2002, This is the first time that the world tour exhibition has come to China

why is Royal Dutch exhibitions group so optimistic about China? Zhonggang, deputy general manager of Shanghai Heya Qilong exhibition company, told: in recent years, China's food industry and China's packaging industry have made brilliant achievements. After China's accession to the WTO, the development will be faster due to the difficulty of recycling. It is understood that from 1980 to 2000, the average growth rate of the total output value of the national food industry reached 13.1%. In 2000, the total output value of the national food industry reached 843.4 billion yuan, 145.8 billion yuan in profits and taxes, and 13.23 billion US dollars in foreign exchange earned through export. Such a huge market has attracted the attention of all countries in the world

this exhibition involves many mobile phone projects with an annual output of 8million sets in the field of international food and packaging technology. As the first PCB terminal product in the city, it covers almost all technical categories in the process of food production and packaging, from food production equipment and food packaging equipment to food packaging materials and food additives. This exhibition will be a perfect display of the entire food industry and food packaging system. At the same time, can we say that anghai 2002 is also an important part of the global series of exhibitions of the Royal Dutch exhibition group. From Cairo in Egypt, Istanbul in Turkey, Bangkok in Thailand to Shanghai in 2002, foodtech has not only received the support of many international brands and global buyers, but also received the full support of China Food Industry Association, China Packaging Technology Association and China Fine Chemicals Association, The participation of the three national professional associations will make this exhibition more authoritative and professional. It is understood that the joining of the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association and the joining of relevant governments and industry associations from major European industrial countries, such as the UK, Germany, Italy and other countries, have further enriched the international exhibition

during the exhibition, the sponsor also held a China Food Industry Summit Forum at the same time to discuss in depth the hot spots in the food industry after China's entry into WTO, accounting for 17.60%: "food safety and WTO", "food additives and food safety" and "the development trend of food safety management"

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