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When the international IOT Expo is held, the cold industry in the official hot market encounters embarrassment

it should be checked regularly. According to the voice of China's national network, the third China International IOT Expo is being held in Wuxi. The survey shows that the promotion of many IOT products in the market is not optimistic

Jiangsu next generation radio, television and IOT Research Center, founded in 2010, intensively demonstrated their traffic video monitoring, health management and somatosensory games based on cable TV. The staff said that it was mainly a matter of acceptance

for enterprise based industrial applications, cost concerns are a practical problem. It was learned from luobaowei, project director of Lucent IOT Shanghai Research Institute that the list they signed was often 3million or 7million, all of which were government purchases. For some large agricultural households or small and medium-sized enterprises, it may take some time to transform their production equipment with such an unfamiliar scientific and technological concept as IOT

Luo Weiwei 10: it is in the stage of a new "revolution" promoted by the government - the characteristics of graphene will make the display screen ultra-thin and ultra light in the future. At present, the government has a special auxiliary fund to do this

the enterprise frankly said that the company has been doing so in recent years, which depends on the government's various support funds for the industry university research platform, and the real profits from the market are not much

in addition, liuhaitao, President of Wuxi IOT Research Institute and President of perception China IOT group, also said that from the perspective of the development of the entire industry of C919 in comparison with Airbus 320 and Boeing 737, although the IOT market space is really large, it is divided into small blocks by various application scenarios, and each block is not large enough to be industrialized.

liuhaitao: we must find a business model, It is unsustainable for the development of IOT to rely on government support

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