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The Fifth Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition was held in the Shanghai International Convention Center not long ago. A total of 82 manufacturers and design experts from the packaging industry participated in the exhibition, of which 58.24% were from China and 41.75% from other countries and regions. Excellent exhibitors from China, Japan, South Korea, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries and regions made an amazing appearance with their characteristic products. The scale of the exhibition and the number of professional purchasers still maintained a steady growth, with a total of 2877 professional visitors attending the exhibition. Most of the exhibitors are very optimistic about the Chinese market

packaging products attach importance to environmental protection

epopack is a manufacturer and supplier of cosmetic materials in Taiwan, China. The whole group of frost cans they launched are made of a single PET material, and they are made of 100%pcr-pet (consumer back-end recycled material), which is easy to recycle and reuse; The product has obtained the German t ⅶ V certification (to ensure the safety and quality factors of the product). At present, only five enterprises in the world can adopt this technology, and only this one can reduce the emission of 4 tons of carbon dioxide per day. Like Chanel, L'Oreal and many other cosmetics enterprises, 70% ~ 80% use such packaging. The concept of environmental protection and sustainability has penetrated into every producer and purchaser

layout of design companies in China

different from the past, more and more design companies have entered the Chinese market, and 2.1 sample preparation has participated in the competition. French Francois is a well-known independent creative image design company in France. Thibau, executive partner and development director, expects a CAGR of 5.1% from 2017 to 2022. LT ponroy was once the president of Guerlain. They set up an office in Shanghai to participate in the design of precautions for Chinese brands of hydraulic universal testing machines, such as baicaoji and Shuangmei of Shanghai Jiahua, and the natural hall of Jialan group. The Shuangmei brand, which was born in 1898, once led the fashion in the 1930s and 1940s. In 2010, Shanghai Jiahua and fashang Co., Ltd. revived the Shuangmei brand. Elie Papiernik, creative director of fashang company, said: China has a very traditional culture and a perfect manufacturing industry, while the West has good design and can create valuable brands. Chinese culture does not conflict with western culture, and can be well combined, innovated and interpreted

during the exhibition, the organizers held the award ceremony of the green revolution Award for luxury packaging, and also organized a series of high-end forum lectures to jointly discuss a series of hot topics in the luxury packaging industry, such as new packaging design and materials, packaging technology, market information and sustainable development. The wonderful activities attracted many exhibitors, buyers and media

by taking advantage of the international first-class display platform of creative packaging, the exhibition has attracted talents at home and abroad from the theoretical, cultural, media and industrial circles by leading culture, fashion and social luxury appreciation, consumption and values. In combination with the luxury technology resources and market development experience of European and American countries, the exhibition is based on China's brand image building, design concept innovation The general measurement method of the Jinan assay friction and wear testing machine requires strict marketing communication channels to develop and cultivate the luxury market with Chinese characteristics

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