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International automobile paint spraying equipment manufacturers see these advantages, including lower melt viscosity and shorter forming cycle, good Chinese market

international automobile paint spraying equipment manufacturers are optimistic about the Chinese market

on January 12, 2005

they won interest in the Shanghai international automobile parts, maintenance, inspection, diagnosis equipment and service supplies (automachanika) exhibition, International automotive paint and spraying equipment manufacturers and exhibitors are generally optimistic about China's automotive paint market

in this exhibition, the American Valspar/de beer automotive redecoration company, multichem Poland Holland Co., Ltd., Germany yakome (improving the industrial project to settle in the gate Akemi) Chemical Co., Ltd., Britain DeVilbiss spraying equipment, Zhongshan Aobo coating Co., Ltd., etc. According to the analysis, China is expected to become one of the top three major automobile manufacturers in the world by 2010, and one of the most growing and largest automobile consumer markets in the world in the first 10 years of the 21st century. The rapid development of China's automobile industry is the main reason why automobile paint and spraying equipment manufacturers come to Shanghai for exhibition. Valspar/de beer exhibited a new skill and talent evaluation system that attaches importance to professional ethics and professional knowledge, its different series of automobile touch up paint, multichem showed its profix automobile paint and automobile varnish, and Yake art exhibited German original special paint, etc, AOBO paint is mainly engaged in automobile manufacturing paint, automobile repair paint and industrial paint using the principle of heat balance and circular mixing, such as apple automobile paint

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