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Cabinet is one of the most common furniture in our family life, and it has brought us a lot of help, so that our kitchen is no longer messy, favored by many consumers. Now many choose customized cabinets, but there are many customized cabinet brands, which are uneven. Next, we will learn about the ranking of cabinet customization brands and which brand is better

ranking list of cabinet customization brands

1. Canoya cabinet

the cabinet customization of this brand has been established for more than ten years, and the furniture of this brand has been professionally customized for 16 years, and its main products include customized wardrobe, bookcase, cloakroom, sliding door, kitchen cabinet and other whole house furniture, with high cost performance. All products have reached E1 level or higher environmental protection standards, and laser identification is used to prevent counterfeiting, so that customers can buy it at ease and use it comfortably

2. Europay kitchen cabinet

the europay brand established during 1994 first introduced all European kitchen concepts into our country, so europay's overall customized kitchen cabinet, as a leading brand, has long established the leading position in China's kitchen cabinet industry. It is produced in strict accordance with international standards, and the raw materials of products are also carefully selected and strictly controlled, so as to truly achieve good quality and environmental protection

3. Kebao · Boloni cabinet

Kebao · The cabinet of Boloni brand was successfully founded in 1999. It has the design style of Italian countries, and it also combines all the living habits and usage methods of our Chinese people. The cabinet products produced in this way soon occupied a place in the furniture market and were loved by consumers

4. Gold medal cabinet

in 1999, the brand cabinet was established. After four years of continuous efforts, the brand was elected as the first president unit. As the first brand in the medium and high-end market, the gold medal cabinet let people see the dream of home life

5. Haier cabinet

Haier cabinet was founded in 1997, and they also submitted a “ Kitchen and electricity integration ” The technological achievements obtained will promote the progress of the cabinet Market in China, and make Haier cabinet occupy a leading position in the kitchen industry

6. Wule OLO cabinet

established in 2006, Wule OLO cabinet is not only a Sino US joint venture, but also one of the earliest and largest cabinet manufacturers in China

7. Zhibang cabinet

the materials used in the cabinet of this product are all carefully selected, and they are all produced in strict accordance with international standards. Strict checks are made to truly achieve good quality and environmental protection

8. Good omen cabinet

this brand cabinet is the main drafting unit of our national kitchen standard, and has become one of the first star endorsements and cooperation brand enterprises in the furniture industry. It is a professional cabinet enterprise focusing on European style integral cabinets

9, hundred V cabinet

hundred V brand cabinet is the largest manufacturer in Southwest China. In fact, many enterprises only produce cabinet bodies, so other parts need to be purchased from other cooperative manufacturers. Therefore, there are many links. Of course, the price will not be cheap. Baiv cabinet realizes the full series of self-produced products, and more effectively controls the cost and quality of products. It is one of the earliest brands in China that professionally manufactures cabinets and customized furniture

10. Moon rabbit cabinet

it has been more than 20 years since the brand was founded in 1995, and it is also a large cabinet enterprise in China. The main products of this brand include solid wood door series and fireproof board series. As a middle-end brand, moon rabbit cabinet is the first choice for economic decoration and medium and high-end decoration consumers

the above ranking list of cabinet customization brands and which brand has better cabinet customization are introduced here. I hope these are helpful to you. If you still don't understand, you can learn more information. Please continue to follow our website




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