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On September 17, it was recently learned that Kefan customization of the top ten brands of the overall wardrobe, together with China Merchants Property, and six Kefan experience stores in Foshan, held a large-scale promotional activity linked by six cities in Beijiao Ramada Hotel, The top ten brands of the overall wardrobe, Kefan customization, together with China Merchants Property, cooperated with six Kefan experience stores in Foshan (Kefan Ronggui store, Kefan Beijiao store, Kefan Panyu Wuzhou store, Kefan Dongfeng store, Kefan Nanhai Jiujiang store, and Kefan Nanhai Jinshazhou store) to hold six city linkage large-scale promotional activities in the Ramada Hotel in Beijiao, with n-weight surprise custom furniture concessions, as well as color TV, computer notebook, free order and other gifts, There is also a mysterious price from the president to Huiman city. It is reported that the signing rate was as high as 90% on that day

Kefan customized six city linkage activity, the scene is crowded

six city linkage, and jointly promote the "home livable service plan" activity

China Merchants real estate joint Kefan customization launched a home livable service plan for the majority of owners. This joint venture aims to provide owners with a comprehensive solution for house customization, by providing exclusive customization services, professional customization design, professional customization consultants and a series of services, Avoid the pain of customers running around, make the decoration process pleasant, and let the owners enjoy the noble experience. In this event feast, Kefan provided consumers with a unique "shopping experience" through wonderful interactive activities, jointly launched the "promotion season" with merchants, and integrated resources to achieve the four goals of "popularity drainage, sales transformation, improving stickiness with owners, and brand communication"

General Manager Li, the marketing director of Kefan factory, came to the stage to announce the full market discount

the signing ceremony lasted nearly 2 hours, and the preferential intensity of the activity was obvious to all. Even general manager Li, the marketing director of Kefan factory, came to the stage to announce the full market discount

event host interacts with the audience

on the day of the event, Ms. Wang, the owner, booked the ordered products of the whole house on site and was lucky to win the prize when she participated in the golden egg smashing event. When asked why she chose Kefan customization, Ms. Wang said excitedly, "we have seen many brands, choosing from one brand to another. Considering the design, products, services, prices and other aspects, it is the most desirable here."

spectators participate in the event of winning the big gift in the Bo cake game on site

high quality speaks with strength

Kefan customized and selected E0 grade environmental protection board. It is a board with small expansion coefficient, very good moisture-proof performance, uniform internal texture, strong nail holding force, bending resistance and stability after drying by an advanced single channel dryer. At present, the domestic high-end panel furniture market has also begun to adopt this kind of board in a large area

▲ there are an endless stream of customers on site, and customers make decisions constantly, so the little partners are busy

celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival and enjoy wonderful activities constantly

the audience inside and outside one floor after another, the originally spacious venue became crowded for a while, and consumers rushed to lock in concessions. During the event, Kefan prepared multiple gifts for consumers: consumers smash golden eggs on site, can participate in the extraction of the ultimate award with a pre-sale card, new product gifts, and quadruple blog gifts to thank the majority of consumers in the most feedback way

Kefan customization, focusing on customized furniture for nearly 10 years, enjoys the reputation of China's top ten brands of overall wardrobe, is committed to customizing five-star homes, and provides one-stop customized furniture services for owners. Kefan's customized household products include panel furniture such as overall wardrobe, tatami, bookcase, shoe cabinet, dining side cabinet and household cabinet, which are sought after by owners with simple decoration and light luxury design style. Kefan's seven series of home furnishing products meet the needs of post-60 to Post-00 consumer groups, and are the preferred brand for customized furniture

[about Kefan customization]

Kefan, the master of whole house customization and the top ten brands of overall wardrobe, is the first enterprise to complete the transformation from C2B large-scale digital personalized customization to innovative n2c business model. Kefan, a customized furniture brand known as the "Oscar" award in the industrial design industry and the German red dot award for three years, is an open platform for starlight enterprises and home services supported by the government. Kefan customization pays attention to environmental protection and insures products with product liability insurance, which is underwritten by PICC, making users feel more comfortable and at ease. At present, Kefan customization recruits franchisees in blank areas across the country, and is a good brand for wardrobe franchising





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