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In recent years, the word "Minimalism" has become a new favorite in the home furnishing industry. Whether European style evolves into simple Europe or Chinese style evolves into new Chinese style, it is the simplification of complex lines and patterns in traditional classical design. Therefore, under such a trend, simple design has become the current popular style. Nowadays, simplicity can no longer fully meet people's growing pressure. Under the demand for simplicity, we have ushered in minimalism. "

since its establishment, meizhixuan doors and windows have been at the forefront of fashion home design. With the least design, give infinite imagination to the space, which is the essence of minimalist design and the design purpose of the "two three linkage series" partition door. Without any unnecessary lines, it restores the most real and simple essence of life. With simple lines and light design, it highlights the unique beauty of minimalist style, giving people a simple, comfortable and high-end home experience

meizhixuan 23 linkage series is also called "narrow frame" partition door verbally, which comes from the extremely narrow characteristics of its frame. The thin and narrow lines make the whole door look light and simple. Meizhixuan aluminum alloy profile has high strength, waterproof and moisture-proof, no oxidation, no deformation, and integrates simplicity and firmness

The series combines the Italian fashion design style and the consistent solid quality of the beautiful choice door and window brand, showing an elegance and nobility in simplicity, which is different from a big brand style. Minimalism is subtraction in home design, which is actually addition in life. To leave more space for life and imagination is to give yourself more freedom. Let tangible products be low-key integrated in space, and turn tangible into intangible; This is the charm of the narrow frame series partition door of beauty choice, which increases the design beauty and improves the grade for the invisible space

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