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Congratulations, Simi cabinet won the title of "top ten brands loved by Chinese cabinet consumers", which once again proves the brand strength and popularity of French cabinet

after two months of fierce competition, the selection results of the top ten brands of Chinese cabinet in 2016 were finally announced. With the full support of the majority of netizens, Simi cabinet won the title of "top ten brands loved by Chinese cabinet consumers", which once again proved the brand strength and popularity of French cabinet

congratulations on Simi cabinet

big brand cabinet, trustworthy

schmidt cabinet is a leading cabinet brand in France. It originated in 1934 and belongs to Salm group, a well-known French overall kitchen planner and cabinet exporter. It was introduced into China by Sophia, a giant in the customized home furnishing industry

with the goal of creating a top overall kitchen solution with the highest family satisfaction in China, Simi kitchen adheres to the brand concept of "leading every detail", integrates Sophia's years of experience in serving China's customized home market and Salm group's years of technical and humanistic value accumulation in the cabinet industry, which will quickly promote the development of China's overall cabinet Market and bring elegant, fashionable and exquisite ideal kitchens to Chinese consumers

president Anna and French President Nicolas Sarkozy take a group photo

top design, create a trend

Simi cabinet brand has been popular in Europe and the United States for 82 years, has a top design team from Europe, and has a leading product concept and product design in the world. After entering the Chinese market, Simi cabinets are customized with style as the leading factor, integrating elegance, fashion and exquisite into each product to provide consumers with a perfect kitchen (kitchen decoration effect map) scheme. The top design team and unique design concept have made Simi cabinet stand out among many cabinet brands and won the "2014 Gold Award for original design of Chinese cabinet products"

salm group chief designer Franck

elegant, fashionable, exquisite French cabinet

quality assurance, technological innovation

it took 82 years to adhere to a good set of cabinets. The quality of simi cabinet can stand the test of time. The material selection of each plate and the production of each screw, Simi is demanding of itself with the strictest standards

in 2016, Simi cabinet officially launched the advanced laser edge banding technology - 3D laser board, which was introduced from France at a large amount of money. It has become the first enterprise in China to use this technology, and has perfectly integrated and upgraded the high-quality ABS edge banding belt and plate, realizing the five product advantages of "no pollution, no mildew, no formaldehyde leakage, no edge rise, no swelling", and providing high-quality home life for consumer friends

laser edge banding technology

Shuangcheng 3D laser board cabinet

this time, Simi cabinet won this honor, which shows that Simi cabinet has been highly recognized by consumers. In the future, Simi cabinet will continue to adhere to the principle of "leading every detail", and strive to provide Chinese consumers with the most satisfactory kitchen solutions, so as to improve the overall experience of every user

it is worth mentioning that this award is also a surprise gift for the 82nd birthday of simi cabinet. On September 10, super Shenghui - the 82nd anniversary of simi, a large-scale national promotional activity, sincerely invites you to participate in the event

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