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Laoka wardrobe pursues the design concept of "science and technology, environmental protection, humanity and fashion". Considering safety and environmental protection, it takes log particle board as the wardrobe board to create a reassuring, environmental protection and comfortable home life for consumers

log particle board, log original ecology, as a customized furniture board, lacca wardrobe not only improves the home environmental protection index, brings the warm log temperament to the home, but also further strengthens the competitiveness of lacca wardrobe to build a healthy and environmentally friendly home. Let's take a look at the eight advantages of Laoka wardrobe E0 log particle board:

1. Top grade formaldehyde free - a new upgrade of safety and environmental protection.

Laoka log particle board, E0 grade environmental protection board, made of 100% logs, with less glue and formaldehyde content ≤ 0.45mg/l (belonging to the top European standard), is an excellent board for high-quality furniture products

2. Moisture resistance and humidity resistance - East, West, North and south, not afraid of air humidity

the expansion coefficient of microplate after absorbing water is very small, and the maximum value of 2H water absorption expansion rate ≤ 2.0 is far lower than 4 times the national standard, ensuring good integrity and recovery rate in case of moisture, giving the plate excellent moisture resistance, which is also applicable to wet environments such as kitchen and bathroom

3. Strong nail holding force - fine profile, dense structure

the internal shape is more delicate, the plate structure is more uniform, the density difference between the surface layer and the core layer is reduced, the structure is dense, and the nail holding force is strong

4. Long service life - process guarantees quality

it is produced by using the world's advanced German dieffenbacher process equipment. The base material has undergone 21 advanced production processes, experienced layer by layer, and selected imported high-quality small-diameter log materials. It has stable moisture content, uniform density, low water absorption expansion coefficient, long service life, strong and durable

5. High physical processing performance

the particle board has smooth surface, realistic texture, uniform unit weight, good flatness, small thickness error, and good processing physical performance such as router, punching, slotting, bending, carving, finishing, etc

6. Good sound absorption and sound insulation performance, heat absorption

the internal structure of the plate is uniform, which can effectively absorb noise and have good heat dissipation

7. Wear resistant and flame retardant

high molecular polymer veneer, log environmental protection, hard and wear-resistant, flame retardant and moisture-proof

8. High ecological value

the log diameter used for the board is small (usually less than 8 cm). To some extent, the particle board greatly saves forest resources. It is a comprehensive and economical board with high ecological value

the board of the wardrobe is an important material for building the wardrobe, and the environment-friendly and safe base material can give you a reassuring life guarantee





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