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On September 24, 2009, the State Council promulgated the regulations on the safety supervision and administration of agricultural machinery, which came into force on November 1 of that year. The regulations have established a recall system for defective agricultural machinery products, stipulating that agricultural machinery producers shall recall agricultural machinery products with design, manufacturing and other defects in a timely manner. According to the recall system, if the products put on the market are found to have defects due to unforeseen design or manufacturing reasons at that time and do not comply with relevant regulations and standards, which may lead to safety and environmental protection problems, the manufacturer shall recycle, transform or deal with them to eliminate potential accidents. Of course, the biggest beneficiaries of the promulgation of these Regulations are the vast number of users. The most affected enterprises should be agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises, which will have a far-reaching impact on the agricultural machinery market

some manufacturers reacted calmly to the recall of agricultural machinery and felt that it was no big deal, because in the past they were more or less complying with the recall requirements, but in the future there were clear laws and regulations, which can now be called "recall" in a fair way. Agricultural machinery users spread news among themselves very quickly, so if there is any defect in the product, the enterprise cannot hide it. Generally, it is still necessary to tell the truth. In addition, it is impossible for agricultural machinery products to have no defects, and it is normal for them to have some defects occasionally. Only when the service keeps up with the users can we understand this. "

some enterprises are also worried about the recall of agricultural machinery. They believe that according to the past practice of other countries in the world, the product recall system can only be implemented when an industry is quite mature. At present, China's agricultural machinery industry is still in the early stage of rapid growth. The user demand mentality is not mature, the enterprise marketing concept is not mature, the industry management system is not perfect, and the conditions for implementing the recall system are not mature. However, the state's hasty introduction of this measure can only show that the quality problems of agricultural machinery products have reached the point where they have to be managed and recalled, and can not be solved by the enterprise self-discipline and market rules. He is also worried that the recall system will be maliciously used by competitors. There are thousands of enterprises that SABIC adheres to the customer driven strategy and provides efficient support for customers to carry out innovation, service and utilization development around the world. So many enterprises may not be able to correctly understand the recall. If they encounter a small number of customers who deliberately make trouble, It is difficult for enterprises to implement recall smoothly

some enterprises also questioned the rationality of agricultural machinery recall and the necessity of unified 1 scheduling, verification, calibration and technical services. A quality control principal who asked for confidentiality said: "foreign agricultural machinery operations have been developing for so many years, I have not heard of any recall management regulations, and foreign agricultural machinery is rarely recalled." An industry expert, who declined to be named, also doubts whether the recall of agricultural machinery can be implemented: "There are thousands of agricultural machinery manufacturers across the country, large or small. There are tens of thousands of product types, and the product volume is very small. The management department cannot supervise and test every product. It can only rely on the enterprises to report voluntarily. However, the recall is obviously more troublesome than the existing door-to-door maintenance method, and it also takes a certain risk. Therefore, I estimate that many small and medium-sized enterprises will ignore the information required to be reported after reporting it, and there will be no change."

the expert also said: "there is still a lot of room for improvement in the agricultural machinery industry. We can't use too high and strict standards to implement the requirements for multiple use of one machine. Otherwise, the agricultural machinery enterprises may be framed. Because the enterprises are scattered, they have little say in policy formulation. Some policies are often directly applied from other industries. In fact, they may not be applicable to the agricultural machinery industry."

regardless of the mentality of all parties in the market, the recall system not only protects the interests of the majority of users, but also requires enterprises to strengthen self-discipline. The highly publicized incident of the engine crankshaft of John Deere's cotton picker ended with John Deere's agreement to recall 67 cotton pickers sold in China. This makes Xinjiang, which has the highest degree of Agricultural Mechanization in China, the first province to win the recall of "problem agricultural machinery" by foreign enterprises. Some people who participated in the negotiations believed that this matter was not only of great significance for Chinese enterprises to safeguard their rights, but also showed that China has an urgent need to establish a recall system for agricultural machinery. The recall of problematic agricultural machinery in China is not without precedent. As early as 2004, Chongqing Jialing Haiyuan company sold more than 100 agricultural machinery to Xiushan County, Chongqing and other places. After the products were sold out, the farmers found quality problems in the engines and dental boxes during use. At the same time, the company also found defects in its own products, and took the initiative to recall more than 100 unqualified agricultural machines according to relevant requirements, bearing all losses

at present, most of China's agricultural machinery enterprises are in a period of rapid expansion, which can not reduce costs without restrictions, and affect the quality and safety of products. Although all kinds of agricultural machines and tools are only used for a few days every year, once problems occur in the sowing and harvest season, even if the manufacturer can take remedial measures in time, it will inevitably affect the farmers' income in a year

the product recall system is such an effective preventive measure. According to the phenomenon that the products produced under the same production conditions have homogeneity, it can take necessary measures for the whole batch of products, which can prevent a large-scale damage to the interests of farmers from the system. Agricultural machinery recall is a sobering agent for agricultural machinery manufacturers. Quality competition will become the most important issue in China's agricultural machinery market in 2010 and beyond. Agricultural machinery recall is not a matter of whether we are willing or not, but something we have to do. Therefore, the domestic agricultural machinery enterprises should ask themselves: are I ready for the recall of agricultural machinery? Don't pay more and more for the behavior of being irresponsible for the quality of agricultural machinery products. 10. Report selection: different report formats can be selected according to the needs of users

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