The impact of economic crisis on packaging machine

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Brief description of the impact of the economic crisis on the packaging machine industry in the second half of 2008, the economic data can be described as horrible due to the impact of the U.S. economic crisis. And not only the American economy has been greatly affected, but also the global economy has been affected. Turn the economy into a depression

however, relevant data show that the growth rate of agricultural machinery and food packaging machinery industry is the fastest in the machinery industry. From this point of view, the food packaging machinery industry will be the industry with the most direct measurement and rapid response in terms of profit growth. It will become a shining star in this economic crisis

food also needs to use high-temperature resistant plastic packaging machinery. The profits of the industry are growing rapidly, which makes many enterprises engaged in the food packaging machinery industry see new hope and start mass production of food packaging machinery

provide protection for agricultural film and prolong the service life of large self methyl methacrylate structural adhesive in the shed in the past two years

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